Upcoming Auctions

Inventory always subject to change. Online auctions use the HiBid.com bidding platform. Bidding can only be found at https://pbauctions.hibid.com

Paranzino Brothers Auctioneers receive product from hundreds of distributors and manufacturers. Inventory is subject to change without notice.

Martinsburg, WV ONLINE Auction Begins 'Soft Close', Thursday April 6th at Noon with Pick Up Fri and Sat

Thursday, April 06, 2023 - 12:00 PM

April 6th, 2023 Martinsburg, WEST VIRGINIA 


Register and bid at: https://pbauctions.hibid.com

    • April 1st – April 6th
  • IN-PERSON PREVIEW of Auction Items:   
    • April 5th, 12pm to 8pm
    • April 6th, 8am to 12pm
    • Paranzino Auction Facility, 891 AutoParts Place, Martinsburg, West Virginia, 25403
    • April 6th, 12pm
  • Pick-Up of Purchased Auction Items**:       
    • April 7th, 12pm – 8pm
    • April 8th, 8am to 12pm

*ON AUCTION CLOSE PLEASE NOTE:  Auction items will start to "soft close" for our online auctions at 12 PM...Auction items close every 5 seconds starting with item #1 at 12pm. (720 items per hour.)      In addition, during a "soft close" an auction lot may get extended by 2 additional minutes if a bid is placed during the closing minutes of an item. Bidding will not end until 2 minutes pass without a bid.  Therefore, the auction may take at least 2 hours or longer depending on the number of last second bids.   Please note that if you have items throughout the beginning, middle, and end of the listings make sure you set aside a few hours to watch the bids ending. (Or set maximum automatic bids)

**For faster pickup…don’t forget to bring your dolly and extra help.

Register and Bid at https://pbauctions.hibid.com. View All Upcoming Auctions at www.pbauctions.com

If you have any questions/concerns about the auction process, please do not hesitate to stop by our in-person preview, message us through email, call 1-330-549-3133 or send a message on Facebook/Instagram.