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About Auctions

  • You should inspect the items thoroughly as our auction items are sold without guarantees. If items are described as damaged, check that the damage can be easily repaired. Sometimes you can test the goods before the auction starts; ask the auctioneer if this is possible.
  • Think about setting yourself a price limit on the goods you are interested in and stick to it. This is the best way to avoid the dreaded Buyer's Remorse. Remember a buyers premium will be added to the final bid price at our auctions and local taxes will also be added to the price.
  • Listen to the auctioneer for any changes in the description of the item at the start of bidding. Remember - KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING! Once the auctioneer says sold it belongs to you. There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds after the bidding has concluded.
  • First timers to the auction need not be afraid. We promise to make your auction experience one you will want to repeat! Once you arrive at the auction, you will want to register at our registration trailer. Make sure you come equipped with a valid driver's license or ID card as you will be asked to present it for identification. When your information has been entered into our computer system, you will be presented with a bidder number. This card identifies you in our system when you begin bidding. 
  • If you have not viewed the items for auction prior to the auction day you will need to allow yourself time to inspect your prospective purchases before the auction starts.
  • When an item you are interested in comes up for bid the auctioneer will give a brief description of the item. A starting bid will be suggested by the auctioneer and usually bidding will start below this price so do not assume the auctioneers starting bid is the lowest price available.
  • When bidding it is natural to get the auctioneers attention by raising your hand or making some other clear gesture to the auctioneer. Now you have started bidding the auctioneer will return to you every time the bid is against you to see if you wish to raise your offer, a clear shake of the head will indicate to the auctioneer that you do not wish to continue bidding. Bids go up in steps controlled by the auctioneer and until the bid nears the assumed final price a bid of less than this amount will not usually be taken. After you have won the bid you are obligated to pay for your items. The type of payment method i.e. cash, checks, credit cards will be accepted. Remember, the items purchased are the responsibility of the purchaser after the auctioneer has said sold. Also, building materials can be very heavy, so bring a friend to help you load.

An auction is defined as a public sale of goods or property in which prospective purchasers bid until the highest price is reached. Paranzino Brothers Auctioneers specialize in the selling of building materials at public auctions.

There are several reasons why items may be sold at auction. In the building material industry there are a large number of manufacturers for many different products, this creates a surplus of excess inventory. These manufacturers and wholesale distributors need to keep their inventory moving, which makes our auctions a great way to sell excess inventory.



At this time we do not offer any online or phone bidding. All bidding must be done in person at the time the item is being sold.

You are responsible for loading your own items, unless a forklift is required. We have employees available to operate forklifts but DO NOT have employees available to help carry by hand. If you are planning on purchasing heavy items that you cannot carry by yourself please plan ahead by bringing help with your or be prepared to come back later that day or the next. Please do not ask our employees to help hand carry your items as they are required to decline.

Pallet jacks are available for you to use, or you may bring your own. The pallet jacks that we bring along are used on a first-come, first-served basis. Please keep that in mind as the pallet jacks may not be immediately available when you want to leave.

Thank you for your interest in staying informed of future Paranzino auctions. Please sign up to receive these e-mail updates on our website. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook as we post updates and inventory photos there for every auction.

Should you arrive at the sale after the start time, you can tell if an item has been sold by looking at the yellow sticker on that item. This sticker will list a lot number first, which is only for company use.

If a second number is written on that sticker, that is the bidder number and the item has been sold to that person.

Typically, all of our items sells by the piece, although it is ultimately up to the auctioneer to decide how to sell each item. Flooring sells by the square foot. Carpet sells by the roll. Trim sells by the linear foot. This is the standard for how our items are sold; however, it is at the auctioneer's discretion as to how an item is to be sold. If any items remain after the top and back-up bidders have taken choice, the remaining items will then be offered for auction.

It is always important to listen to the auctioneer. They will describe exactly how an item will be sold before beginning.

Whenever in doubt, ask the auctioneer any questions before they begin selling.

AT NO TIME should you talk to the clerk working on the computer near the auctioneer. If you have questions, please ask the auctioneer directly or the person assisting the auctioneer but NOT the clerk on the computer.

It is extremely difficult to give an average price for an item since we are selling through the auction method.

Your best bet to safeguard yourself is to do some research on the cost for certain items and attend our sales knowing what you are willing to pay.

Once a price has been established for an item, the top and back-up bidders may take their choice at the top bidder’s price.

Any remaining items will be sold again AT THE AUCTIONEER'S DISCRETION.

The 8% buyer’s premium is added to all purchases made at a sale, in addition to local sales tax.

The Buyer's Premium is an  tool auctioneers use to help defray the cost of the auction onto those who benefit the most: you, the buyer. Without the buyer's premium, the sellers would not be selling their property today at public auction.

As a bidder, plan on a "top price" that you are willing to pay for the item and then stay 8% below that. For example, if you want to purchase a door from us but do not want to spend more than $100 you should stop bidding at $90. This way, when you check out, your price for the door will be $97.20 ($90 plus 8%) and you will not exceed your budget target of $100. Do not forgot about local sales tax, as well.

Our auctions end when we run out of items to sell. A typical sale could last anywhere from 7 – 10 hours depending on the amount of product we have to sell.

Our product comes from consignors such as manufacturers, distributors, builders, etc. who utilize our company’s ability to sell excess inventory.

We do our best to insure that your item is not stolen. All items are required to have a paid in full receipt at the door before being permitted to remove an item. This is our best method of keeping your items safe.

However, we ask that you take a moment to read through the terms and conditions as it states that once an item is sold, title passes to the bidder. In the event that any of your items should come up missing we are not responsible.

Item Pick-Up

For Saturday auctions, pick up times are from the time you have paid for an item until 2 hours after the sale ends and on Sunday from 8:00 am – 10:00 am. Everything must be picked up by 10:00 am Sunday! Items that are left when we leave the fairgrounds will be sold at another auction for charity. 

For Tuesday auctions, pick up times are from the time you have paid for an item until 2 hours after the sale ends and Wednesday & Thursday from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. There are NO Friday pickups! Everything must be removed by 4 pm the Thursday after the auction!

Please be sure to bring your paid receipt with you.

Items that are left behind after scheduled pick up times will be sold for charity, generally at our next North Lima sale.

Should you leave an item and want proof of your charitable contribution, we can provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.


No. All items must be paid for the day of the sale as our trailer and computers will not be available to process any transactions. We do ask that you bring your receipt with you when you arrive the next day to pick up the item.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards as well as debit cards. We highly recommend that you call your bank to check or raise your daily spending limit, as most debit cards have a set daily spending limit of $2,000 or less. We also accept both business and personal checks that get approved by Telecheck, a check guarantee company that we utilize. Whomever signs the check will need to present their driver's license to verify their identity. Please keep in mind that the funds will be electronically debited from your account that date and not at a later date. We do not accept certified bank checks. We also accept cash.

We strongly encourage you to bring a back-up form of payment.

All of our checks are processed electronically through Telecheck. So long as your check is approved via the electronic system, we will be happy to accept this form of payment.

If a problem should arise, we must have another form of payment to complete your transaction.

We do not accept certified bank checks.

Auctioneering Laws

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