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Paranzino Brothers Auctioneers is the nation's leading building material auction company conducting over 50 public home improvement auctions a year. Paranzino Brothers Auctioneers was founded in 1996 and has built up a family of employees who have over 50 years of combined experience in every aspect of the auction and construction industries.  Our focus is on building a large inventory from major manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of building materials and related home supply products.

Our building material auctions take place in major markets within Ohio and surrounding states such as: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Since 1996 Paranzino Brothers Auctioneers has become the nation's most trusted name in the building material auction industry.


Payment Information...

For our 'ONLINE' auctions.  Payment is made by 'Credit Card' at the close of the auction. If you win a bid(s) you will be sent an invoice and your credit card you have on file (the one used for registration) will be charged.  We accept MC, Visa, Am Exp., Discover and debit cards. A 10% buyer premium plus local sales tax will be added to your invoice. There are no additional fees for using your credit or debit card.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you 'DO NOT RECEIVE AN INVOICE' please look in your 'spam' mail.

Daily Spending Limits on Credit Cards...

Please be aware that MOST if not ALL debit and credit card companieshave arbitrary daily spending limits. This means that, if you don't usually spend thousands of dollars in one day on your card, your payment may get declined if your invoice total is too high. Please note that this has nothing to do with the amount of money in your account or the credit limit on your card. Daily spending limits are based upon your past spending history and bank/credit card company policy. If you do not know what your daily limit is set at, or if you want to make sure the payment will go through, please call your bank or credit card company beforehand. They can grant you a temporary increase to your spending limit.

Buyer's Premium & Local Sales Tax...

A Buyer's Premium is a tool auctioneers use to help defray the cost of the auction onto those who benefit most: you, the buyer.  Without it, the sellers would not be selling their property today at public auction.

As a bidder, plan on a "top price" that you are willing to pay for the item and then stay 10% below that. For example, if you want to purchase a door from us but do not want to spend more than $100 you should stop bidding at $90. This way, when you check out, your price for the door will be $99.00 ($90 plus 10%) and you will not exceed your budget target of $100. Do not forgot about local sales tax, as well.


The dates and times of pick up will be unique to each auction and will be stated with the auction announcement. The announced pick up dates will be FIRM and NON-NEGOTIABLE. Unfortunately, THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!  Depending on the venue and auction schedules we are working on time constraints to have the facilities cleared.

"Can you help me load my items?"...

The short answer is "NO, we, unfortunately, cannot help you hand load everything you purchase." Please BRING HELP, and/or BRING A DOLLY.

There will however, be forklifts and drivers, available so we can certainly help move and load anything that is on a pallet (flooring, tile, etc.). If you can load your items (such as a kitchen cabinet set) onto a pallet then we can help you load that with a forklift. Again, we cannot help you lift or load anything by hand, so please bring help when you come pick up your item.

"What does lot 157, lot 157A, lot 157B, etc. mean?"...

We often get many different matching items sent to us by our consignors. For instance, a consignor may send us 5 matching toilets for the same auction. When you see lots that look similar and have letters following the lot number that means that those items are identical. Lot 647 and lot 647 A are identical copies of the same item (unless noted in description) and will sell separately.

"Why do some items say Bid X5 or Bid X875?"...

Whenever you see a lot that says, for example, "Bid $1.50 X 875" or "Bid $45 X 5" that means that the item is NOT selling for just your base bid. To find the final value of your bid, you need to multiply your bid by whatever number follows the X. In the two examples above, the first bid has a final value of $1,312.50 while the second bid has a final value of $225. There are a few reasons that a lot might sell like this, for instance if the lot is flooring and sells by the square foot or if the lot is a set of individual items, say 5 toilets sold together.


soft close prevents individuals from entering a bid at the very last second before an auction closes with the intent to prevent others from bidding higher. This  means that if a bidder enters a bid within two minutes of the lot's initial closing time, a two-minute extension would be added on. This will happen until two minutes pass without a bid being placed.

What does "May Have Won" mean?...

Due to a peculiarity of our auction software's system (we use Hibid), if you are the high bidder for an item at the end of the auction, the site will not say "You Have Won" it will say "You May Have Won." Do not worry about this. If you see "You May Have Won" you should assume that you won the item. Eventually a final, paid invoice will be emailed to you.

"I didn't get an emailed invoice"...

These is another common issue with our auction software's system (Hibid) that, unfortunately, is not caused by a single, universal problem. Once the auction is completely over the 'Hibid' system will first process all of the payments before sending out Paid Invoices. This takes time and it may be several hours before the emails start sending out. If a few hours have passed and you still do not have an email from us then please let us know at either or We ask that you do not call as we will most likely be on the phone with customers whose payments were declined. You do not need to bring a copy of your invoice when you pick up your item as we will be able to print a copy of your invoice in the Auction Office Trailer/or Front Desk.

The Importance of Preview Days...

Each auction will have at least two scheduled preview days. We strongly encourage you to attend if you are interested in bidding as we cannot guarantee the condition of items sent to us to sell. All items are pictured and described to the best of our ability, however, there is no warranty or guarantee implied or expressed on items.

Come look things over and judge for yourself. There are no bid retractions so bid accordingly. There are also no refunds for bidding on items you decide you don't want or can't pick up.

"I can't register on the site/I'm having problems with the site"...

Paranzino Brothers Auctioneers uses the 'HiBid' online bidding platform for our online auctions.  We do not own 'Hibid' and have no control over the site's registration page.  As such, if you are having a problem registering, logging in, bidding, or any other technical issues you can reach out to 'Hibid' support at 1-844-775-4774.  

Full Terms and Conditions for Online Auctions

All buyers must register and receive a bid number. You will be required to enter a valid credit card at time of registration. Your card will be charged $1.00 to check the validity. After the auction closes, the same credit card will be charged for your purchases. If you have successfully won a bid, you will receive, via the e-mail you provided, a paid receipt once your card has been charged. 

You must have a paid receipt in order to pick up your items. No item(s) shall be removed until payment has been received. If you do not pay for your items, you will be banned from our auctions and we may pursue legal action against you.

Any items left after the scheduled pick up shall be forfeited. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED.

Paranzino Brothers Auctioneers does not restrict its employees or officers from taking part in any auction where permissible.

REMOVAL OF ITEMS: You must have a paid in full receipt to remove items. Buyer will remove items only on the days and times provided.

Please DO NOT BID if you are unable to remove items on the days and times provided. The listed dates and times are the ONLY times for pick up.  You will not be refunded due to lack of removal during designated times.

There is a 10% buyer premium plus local sales tax added to each item.

ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS. No guarantee or warranty is expressed or implied as to correctness, description, authenticity, or condition to items listed. Buyer will have ample time to inspect items on scheduled preview days and make their own judgements. It is recommended that you inspect items before bidding.

Once you have placed a bid, there will be no retractions. No exceptions.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We highly recommend that you take advantage of preview days. Keep in mind that all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. This is why we recommend previewing the items.  If you are not in agreement with the above terms and conditions, or can not abide by the pick up schedule, please do not bid. Thanks for looking!

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